Cat Spring Volunteer Fire Department
PO Box 38
Cat Spring, Texas 78933
Randy Reichardt
Fire Chief
John Simpson
"Smoke Divers" Training
Beaumont, Texas
Hazmat Technician Certification
Richmond Fire Training Grounds
Brenham Extrication School
Brenham Texas
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Photos courtesy of  Michelle Schulte
Katy Extrication School
Katy, Texas
Training is the backbone of any fire department, regardless of their numbers or available gear. Funds
raised by departments can buy newer and better equipment but the firemen need to know how to use it
and what to do in a never ending list of scenarios. The following certifications are held by members of the
Cat Spring Volunteer Fire Department.
10 Certified Texas Smoke Divers
2 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)-Paramedic
6 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)-Basic
1 Licensed Paramedic
1 Emergency Care Attendant
1 EMS Coordinator
10 SFFMA Certified Firefighter I
1 SFFMA Certified Firefighter II
1 Certified Advanced Firefighter
2 Certified Master Firefighters
4 Hazmat Technicians
2 Hazmat Specialists
1 Basic Firefighter Instructor
1 Advanced Firefighter Instructor
1 NAFI Fire & Explosion Investigator/Instructor
1 Certified Chauffeur/Operator
And some of the schools we attend are:
A prospective member was asked why he wanted to join the
department, he said "if something happens at my house, I want as
bring, and I want them to know how to use it, while we still have